A TikToker Slammed A Celeb Who Made Her Cry At A Festival & Ofc Fans Figured Out Who It Was

A TikToker is claiming Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell made her cry at a musical festival way back in 2019.

After being prompted by all the social media content surrounding Revolve Festival, Brittni Joy shared her not-so pretty little story from when she attended the fest.

She didn’t actually say who the celeb was in the initial video, but it’s later revealed to be Mitchell. We’ll get to that part in a sec.

“I don’t even know if I should be sharing this story. I was up all night tossing and turning as everyone was posting their Revolve Festival looks,” she began.

She recalled attending the festival in 2019 by herself.

“I saw this one celebrity and she’s an influencer / celebrity and has her own business. I kind of admired her,” she said.

Joy “really wanted to tell [the celeb] that [she] admired her” and since they had an “identical outfit on,” she used that as an in to introduce herself.

Joy recounted going up to Mitchell and telling her that the two of them were “twinning” as they’re wearing similar outfits and told the star that she really admired her.

“I swear to God, I walked away fucking crying,” she said.

Joy claimed Mitchell made her feel like the “scum of the motherfucking earth”.


should I be sharing this probably not but all these revolve festival TikTok’s had me thinking about it

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When she approached Mitchell, the actress allegedly “looked [her] up and down” and then turned away. At that point, Mitchell’s hairstylist allegedly told her: “Yeah, and that’s a ‘bye!’”

The TikToker said she immediately unfollowed Mitchell on all social media as she walked away as she had understandably soured on the star.

She concluded: “I don’t want to say who it is, but just had to share.”

Before long sneaky commenters had figured out that she was referring to Mitchell as both she and the PLL actress were wearing similar fits at Revolve Festival in 2019.

Not only that, but Shay Mitchell also shared a conveniently-timed pic from the festival with another fan and wrote, “Love meeting you guys IRL!”

“Not her doing damage control on her IG Story,” the fan who shared the IG Story on TikTok wrote.

Joy confirmed in a subsequent TikTok that she was, in fact, speaking about Mitchell.

In the TikTok, Joy shared the IG Story that fans had dug up and said: “I’m not a mean girl by any means, I’m not attacking anyone, I didn’t even want to say her name in that first video, but this is just fucking funny.”


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In another TikTok, Joy said her interaction with Mitchell had “stuck with” her.

“I will just never ever treat someone that way,” Joy said.

Joy doubled-down on the alleged incident while speaking to the Daily Dot.

She said she initially “had zero intention of ever revealing who it was.”

She also insisted that she doesn’t want Mitchell to be “cancelled” over the incident but she hopes the star learns to treat her fans better.

“I do believe in human decency and kindness and I think we all could learn from it,” Joy said.

“No matter who you are you don’t know how you’ll impact that person.”

Warning to all celebs out there: ya better be kind to folks because those folks could become TikTok stars one day and expose your ass.