Shawn Mendes Apologises For Liking Transphobic Tweet By Aussie Neo-Nazi

Pop music icon Shawn Mendes has come under fire for liking a transphobic tweet by Australian Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell.

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The incredibly gross tweet poked fun at both the trans community and at cancer patients and it’s no shock that once his eagle-eyed fans got wind of the fact that the 20-year-old had liked the tweet and had therefore shown his support for the offensive Aussie personality, the backlash was heavy.

After noticing the angry reactions from fans, Mendes unliked the tweet then wrote a response, claiming that he had “accidentally” liked the tweet while scrolling through his feed and that he has nothing against the trans community.

“Must of accidentally liked it scrolling down a feed, you know me & I’d never. Sorry,” he wrote, later adding, “Love u.”

If you’re wondering why that Blair Cottrell buffoon sounds familiar, it’s ‘coz he’s the vile far-right activist who has come up in Australian media time and time again for his Adolf Hitler-adjacent ideas.

In fact, Sky News copped heavy criticism and was forced to suspend one of their shows for interviewing Cottrell and giving him a platform to spew his gross point-of-view.

So it’s highly disturbing that Mendes, an impressionable singer idolised by teens internationally, even came across a tweet by an Australian Neo-Nazi but all we can do is hope that his story of ~accidentally~ liking the tweet is legit.