Dancing With The Stars’ Sharna Burgess Says She Was Offered Bachie Before Elly & Becky Miles

Dancing With The Stars Australia judge Sharna Burgess is claiming that she was offered the lead on this year’s The Bachelorette before sisters Elly and Becky Miles were asked.

Speaking to U.S. tabloid Us Weekly, Sharna says Bachie producers approached her prior to the coronavirus pandemic and at the time she was “on the fence” about it, but ultimately turned them down.

“I was initially like, ‘Sure.’ I mean, that could be fun. And then as I got into it, there was something that didn’t feel right, which is odd because I love the show worldwide,” she said.

“For some reason, my instincts were saying, ‘Don’t do it,’ which was very bizarre. I’ve had to trust my instincts my whole life, they’ve led me to where I am now.”

She went on to say that she’d be down to take on the role of Bachelorette in the U.S. and, um, RUDE.

“I live here, you know?” she added. “So it also makes more sense for me to do it here. I don’t have plans to permanently move back to Australia.  I would love to be half and half, you know, go to Australia and work, but my life is based here.

I want to raise my kids here. … It feels like it makes more sense. There’s less questions at the end of it for me, like, ‘OK, well where do we live? And what do we do?’ It makes more sense for me.”

Though Burgess “ended up saying no” to the reality dating program Down Under, she’s keen to see what the Miles sisters get up to on the new season.

“I believe that they now have two sisters as Bachelorettes in Australia, which is really, really cool and exciting,” she said. “I think that’s super fun for the network and I’ll be cheering them on.”

The Bachelorette has begun filming and is expecting to land on Ten later this year.