Shannon Purser has such a soft spot in our hearts. From playing our #1 fave Barb Holland in ‘Stranger Things‘ to kind & forgiving Ethel Muggs in ‘Riverdale‘, she’s been the one character that we’re all quietly (and sometimes very loudly) rooting for. 

Earlier this month, Purser spent some time on Twitter, talking quite candidly about her “getting comfortable with sexuality”.

After a recent discussion online about a scene in ‘Riverdale between Betty and Veronica that was slapped as ‘queerbaiting’, Purser has taken to her Twitter again to discuss her own sexuality, and come out as bisexual.

Oh and in case you’re not very well-versed, ‘queerbaiting’ is when a TV show or movie entertains the idea of a LGBT relationship or plotline without ever having the intention of following through on it. 

It’s kinda really gross and plays upon fandoms and stans to either reel in that pink dollar, or to make the show look and seem progressive with minimal effort or commitment. 

In the note posted, Purser explains that she’s “very new to the LGBT community” and apologises for upsetting anyone wither her now-deleted tweet about the Beronica fandom and stans.

Accepting when we’ve fucked up and made a mistake, especially about marginalised communities, is probably the best thing you can do. 

Everyone is always learning how to be more aware of others, and being able to step back and understand your fuckups and want to learn from them. Well, that’s how progress works.

I just want to give her a really big hug and tell her that everything is going to be okay. 

Dammit Barb, you gorgeous thing. I’m so excited to watch you explore your identity.

Photo: Netflix.

Shannon Purser AKA Stranger Things’ Sweet Angel Barb Comes Out As Bi