Cricketer Shane Warne first showed his flair for comic timing, to TV viewers at least, during a Michael Parkinson interview that coincided with his retirement. As a result Warnie, the TV chat show, came with a degree of potential that, from what I could see, was never realised.

The teeth dazzled, the tips are still there and he’s plainly unafraid of the cosmetic surgeon or the tanning bed. But along with freezing his face, he’s frozen his larrikin-brand humour in order to play straight man to his guests, intentionally or otherwise.

An interview with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, now looking (and more alarmingly, sounding) a like Gareth from The Office, was stilted and uncomfortable, despite the canned laugh track suggesting otherwise.
Loosen up Warnie. And not just your face.

After the show Warnie was off to Brisbane to lend his commentary skills to the first day of The Ashes which you can live stream here among a delightful setting of busty Russian girls. Enjoy.

By Frenchie Hubbard

Title Image by Ryan Pierse via Getty