In a series of angry tweets, Shane Warne has blasted Woman’s Day for allegedly making up reports about his dating life in a series of angry tweets.

In a since deleted tweet, Warne accused Woman’s Day of using 10-year-old pics of him to stir up a story, calling them “disgusting” and “wrong.”

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Image: Twitter

“Where is the media watchdog and how can they continue to get away with this?” he said, before firing another tweet ripping into the publication.

“For 30 years my children and I have put up with your lies and fabricated stories – well not anymore. You should not be allowed to just make things up. You are going to apologies to the [Australian] public for your continual lies and my family as this is an absolute disgrace – AGAIN!!.”

His glorious rant doesn’t end there, with the cricket star then taking a hit at people who making snarky comments about his tweets.

“Imagine what it would be like if someone continually made up stories about you and put it in the public domain for 30 years and the effects that has on your mental health and your families!” he said.

It’s not the first time Warne’s had a go at Woman’s Day either, with his war against magazine gossip spanning years — about as long as his sexting and dating scandals basically.

Warne also ripped into Woman’s Day in 2018, accusing them of “constant harassment” of his family over another grain-of-salt article that said his ex-wife Simone Callaghan was “tearing her hair out” after their son Jackson played in a poker competition.

“I’ve read some crap in my time, but New Idea has taken the cake for making crap up now & it amazes me how the regulators allow this to continue in both Woman’s day and No idea! It is absolutely disgraceful & both are never held accountable for making things up? Why ?,” he tweeted.

Look, fair enough. No one deserves to have to deal with drama around their personal life 25/7, especially if that shit is straight up not true. Go off Warne!!