The AFL Footy Show is very much on-the-ropes and seems likely to be in-line for a major shake-up as Channel Nine attempts to breathe new life into the ageing franchise. And while a purge of that show means Sam Newman‘s tenure at the desk is almost certainly over at long bloody last, apparently he has no plans to go quietly into the good night, thanks in large part to – would you believe – Shane Warne.

The Herald Sun reports this morning that Warne and Newman are preparing to team up on a prospective TV project should Nine terminate Newman’s contract following a formal meeting on Thursday.

Warne and Newman played golf together on Monday, reportedly in celebration of there being one month until the start of the World Cup of Golf, which is a normal thing that normal people do. There, Warne commented on the purely insane thoughts that enter his brain on the regular, the latest of which would potentially see himself and Newman form a TV tag-team on a live nightly variety TV show.


Sam is Channel 9. Sam Newman is everything Channel 9. He should have his own show. There is an amazing opportunity for anyone who comes up with the right nightly show.

If (Coldplay frontman) Chris Martin comes to Australia and wants to promote his new album, what show does he go on? So maybe Sam and I have got something in the pipeline for a show.

What show does (Coldplay frontman) Christ Martin go on indeed? What show?

Warne also reportedly floated a bunch of potential names for the unholy-sounding series, including Tonight Live with Sam and Shane and Melbourne Live. Our suggested names for the show include Two Old Prunes Crank Their Awful Weenuses and Racism Tonight with Fuckhead and The Spud.

It should be said that this is all rampant speculation at this stage, but in the event that it does happen we feel it our civic duty to remind everyone of the last time that Warne attempted to host a variety series – Warnie – which was uniquely disgraceful.

So get ready for more of that.

Source: Herald Sun
Image: Getty Images / Michael Dodge