Shane Warne Got Bit On The Head By An Anaconda & What Fresh Hell Is This

No we are not kidding. Yes this really happened.

He’s getting paid an absolute shedload to appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! for Channel Ten, but he’s certainly earning every damned cent.
Shane Warne has been attended to by paramedics in the rugged South African terrain that the show is filming on, after he got BITTEN ON THE HEAD BY AN ANACONDA during one of the show’s challenges.
The challenge saw Warne duck his head into various containers of critters, apparently in the hopes of securing stars with his mouth that would equal food for his cast mates.
The first box had Warnie stick his head in amongst a big heap of rats. For a while. Enough time for the smell of rat to get on him a bit.
And then, because EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS SAFE AND WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG, he then had to stick his head in a box of snakes, containing juvenile anacondas, rat snakes, and corn snakes.

Ya bit. Ya BIT.
The non-venomous snake, which nonetheless packs a painful bite, apparently left no permanent marks, and Warne suffered no injuries beyond being obviously shaken up because YOU MADE HIS HEAD SMELL LIKE SNAKE FOOD AND THEN PUT HIS HEAD NEAR SNAKES, FOR SHIT’S SAKE.
I’m not fancy, big city herpetologist. But even I know a dumbass idea when I see one.
The “Our Dinner of Warnie” episode of I’m A Celebrity airs tonight on Channel Ten at 7:30pm.