Sorry, But That Viral Sex Education S3 Poster W/ Margot Robbie As Maeve’s Sis Is Fantasy Only

When groundbreaking Netflix series Sex Education first spiced up our lives, it became a viral topic of conversation online. Not just because it tackled the issue of, erm, ~sex education~ in a way that had never been done before, but also because its hot as hell lead star Emma Mackey is the spitting image of Aussie queen Margot Robbie.

With season 3 on its way, sneaky stans have created a poster that’s fooled viewers into believing that Margot is joining the series.

In the poster, the Aussie star is photoshopped next to Emma’s character, Maeve Wiley, who’s described as “a social outcast and bad-girl who befriends Otis (Asa Butterfield) and runs the therapy clinic with him.”

The poster plays on the fact that the two actresses look crazily similar as it paints them as sisters.

“The big sister is here,” the poster reads, along with: “Sex Education. Season 3. February 2021.”

The fanmade piccy was quick to go viral online, with loads of stans believing that it was a legit poster for Sex Education season 3.

To be fair, it’s very convincing.

Have a peek at the OG images that were stitched together, one of which came from a previous ep of Sex Education, and the other from Robbie’s 2019 flick, Bombshell.

Netflix announced on February 10 that Sex Education season 3 is officially happening.

The streaming giant shared a sweet teaser that sees Alistair Petrie – who plays headmaster Michael Groff – wandering the halls of Moordale and showing off a series of portraits of characters including Otis, Lily Iglehart (Tanya Reynolds) and Gillian Anderson’s sex therapist character Jean.

But like many projects in the entertainment biz, Sex Education had to suspend filming on season 3 earlier this year amid the pandemic.

However, according to Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs, “it looks like it’s on track,”she told Digital Spy.

Wood also told the publication that the script for the first episode is “really, really good”.

“I’m desperate to see more. I’m so desperate, especially because I feel like the last season left us all in such interesting positions. But where the characters could go now is kind of limitless.”

Sex Education seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.