Seven Denies That Pete Evans Black-Balled Journos For Mocking Him

A week out from the season premiere of the reality ratings juggernaut My Kitchen Rules, Seven has denied rumours that host Pete Evans is black-balling journalists who make fun of his paleo ways and general Pete Evans-itude. 
We’re the first to admit that Pete Evans is a popular topic around these parts – most recently, it was the revelation that he uses a special mat when he sits at his laptop to negate the dangers of Wi-Fi and reconnect to the earth. 
A recent report in the Daily Telegraph suggests that Evans is fed up, and has barred a number of journalists from attending the season eight launch party at Colin Fassnidge‘s restaurant, or interviewing the on-air talent. 
The Telegraph’s report indicates that three scribes in particular are on Evans’ shit list – one from News Corp and two from Bauer Media, publisher of Woman’s Day and NW.
Seven said that the rumours of Evans black-balling are “not true”, and in a statement to the Telegraph, took the old ‘any publicity is good publicity’ line, saying:

“Pete does not make any decisions in regards to who is given access to MKR … that is a decision made by the publicity department. And we would never refuse access to anyone because obviously we are grateful of all publicity.”
The bizarre-looking US version of MKR is on the air now, but if you’re holding out for the original recipe Aussie one, it’s back Monday week.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Pete Evans / Instagram.