In news that proves why letting your mum get social media is just a horrible, horrible idea, Seth Rogen’s mother Sandy was forced to take to Twitter to get her bloody son to talk to her after he failed to answer his phone all day.

In the most classic mum move of 2017 so far, Sandy, who was obviously stinging for a lengthy chat that kicks off with “are you eating well?”, had run out of options in attempting to contact her famous actor son via phone and instead @-ed him via her Twitter account.

As you can see by those numbers, the tweet went off-chops, getting thousands of re-tweets and comments, of people imploring Seth to give his poor old mother a ring.

Eventually Seth stopped whatever it was he was doing that was SO important he couldn’t even call his loving MOTHER, who gave him life, we’ll have you know, and acknowledged the now trending debacle:

And yes, Sandy has confirmed he did in fact give her a buzz for a quick ol’ yarn and to let her know he’s doing fine:

Mums. Amirite?

Image: Getty Images / Mike Pont