If you’ve never had a wardrobe malfunction in your entire life, congratulations and I also hate you. For me personally, I’ve had boob slips and coffee spills galore – but the absolute worst has to be the time I split my entire skirt down the back, exposing my undies to the world for hours before realising that gentle butt-breeze was not, in fact, air con coming up from the floor.

As mortifying as that experience was, it’s nothing when compared to what Seth Rogen lived through at the Golden Globes this year. He sat down with Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote his new Netflix movie, Like Father, and told a particularly horrific/spicy tale of… busting his pants.

Credit: Late Night With Seth Meyers

Basically, Seth was about to go onstage to do a speech for Best Motion Picture nominee The Disaster Artist when LITERAL disaster struck.

“I bent down to pick up something, and I blew out my pants from, like, the very front to the very back. Like, chaps. I chapped them.”

He ran to the bathroom with a shitload of safety pins he pilfered from a stylist, and frantically clipped his pants back together with just 60 seconds before he was due onstage.

“[I was] making, like, a metallic stitching thing from the base of my butt to the top of my crotch,” he said. “I went out with essentially, like, a diaper made of safety pins holding my pants together.”

A DIAPER OF SAFETY PINS. Awful mental image.

Image: Getty Images