Ever told a joke or made a reference that no one else in the room has gotten? It’s not that was a bad joke or a wrong reference – quite the opposite, it was pretty valid. But it just somehow managed to fly completely over the heads of everyone?

Ever had that crowd turn on you and call you fat, talentless, anti-American, a Godless heathen who should probably just run off and die somewhere because of that thing you said?

Welcome to Twitter.

Seth Rogen – being a fully-formed man who has seen at least some movies and is in possession of a fully functional memory, meaning that when something happens that reminds him of another thing, he can cognitively make that connection – recently saw the “highly controversial” film American Sniper.

American Sniper is a film about a celebrated sniper from America. This man killed many people whilst deployed in the Middle East. It stars Bradley Cooper who ate a lot of food for the role. It is nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

It is controversial because some people – like Michael Moore – claim that it glorifies war and promotes Islamophobia. Other people – like Sarah Palin – claim that leftists are simply trying to denigrate America’s national heroes. You can see where this argument is going.

The film, much like any other, is open and subject to your own personal scrutiny (should you choose to watch it) from which your own judgment and opinion can be formed about its worth as a contribution to the artform.

And now back to Seth Rogen seeing movies. Turns out Seth Rogen has also seen Inglorious Basterds. And thus, this.

The film he’s referring to is the – very fictional and not actually real at all – film that the Third Reich watches during the climactic sequence of Basterds. That film, entitled Stolz der Nation (or Nation’s Pride if you wanna get all English up in dis biz) is about a celebrated sniper from Nazi Germany. That man killed many people during deployment across Europe.

That comparison – that it’s two films about snipers – is the crux of Seth’s observation. That one thing he saw recently is not at all unlike that other thing he saw a little while ago.

But, of course, you can’t actually make any comparison – accidental or otherwise, no matter what the fundamental similarity – between an American military person and anything even remotely associated with the word “Nazi” without people flipping the fuck out. Observe.

You get the picture.

After whiffing on that softball completely and totally, even though admittedly they were reacting to a somewhat poor choice of words, Rogen responded to everyone baying for his blood, service records, and work visa in a fairly tongue-in-cheek fashion.

And thus completes the circle of life in the year of our lord, two thousand and fifteen.

Photo: Cindy Ord via Getty Images.

via Uproxx.