Among posting pics of his ever-impressive ceramic work and various weed-related content, Seth Rogen has dropped a rogue story about a time when Paul Rudd gave him a full massage as a prank (???) while in Las Vegas.

Seth tweeted out the story with minimal context on Tuesday morning, recounting a visit he paid to a hotel spa in Las Vegas at some point in their friendship. Unbeknownst to him, Paul thought it would be a hilarious prank (again, ???) to convince the massage therapist to let him follow Seth into the room instead.

Seth believes that Paul probably thought he would know something was up pretty quickly, but apparently Seth had no idea. At least, not until he turned over onto his back and found it was Paul working his knots and muscles.

“He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I’d notice immediately,” Seth wrote.

“I didn’t, and Paul did the entire rest of it.”

I just… I have so many questions here.

Firstly, how could you not know? Or was Seth here just either a) so blissed out or b) so incredibly zooted that he couldn’t tell the difference between a proper massage therapist and his idiot friend pummelling his body?

And when he flipped over onto her his body, did Paul just… keep going with the massage? Like are we talking a full remedial with hot stones here or what? I need MORE CONTEXT, Seth.

Naturally, I’m not the only one puzzled out the wazoo about this whole ordeal, and why Seth just decided to tell this nugget of a story seemingly unprompted at 6am our time, because his mentions have blown the fuck up with questions.

Seth actually replied to this last tweet from Jeremy Wein, claiming that Paul would confirm it if he was asked. Which is all well and good but Paul Rudd is extremely not online so we can’t just flick him a DM to cross check this story, you know?

Aside from all this oiled-up chaos that Seth Rogen dropped online, this Paul Rudd story has given space for one of the best jokes on this hell website.

Paul Rubb.

Image: Getty Images / Todd Williamson