Seriously, When The F*ck Did Bindi Irwin Grow Up?

It has come to our attention that daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Bindi Irwin AKA ‘Bindi The Jungle Girl’ has ditched her signature look of pig tails and khakis, and outgrown her unnerving little-person grin to become a young woman seemingly overnight.

Lisa Wilkinson tweeted this photo, revealing a matured Bindi Irwin: no longer the small khaki-clad child we once knew, but a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL (She’s 39 years old in tortoise years, in case you were wondering).

What the actual fuck!!? Right? Seriously when did that happen?

First appearing on her father Steve Irwin‘s massively popular television series at age two, Bindi soon became the little girl that adults loved to hate due to a perceived level of ‘overexposure’ and, quite possibly, her perpetual outward display of smiley enthusiasm. After Steve’s death there was concern that Bindi would get Britney Speared by adolescence, burnout and regressed grief, but a public meltdown is far from imminent, and when she’s not averting death rolls and conserving native wildlife, she’s just a teen girl who, like any other gal, tweets about getting her hurr did.

It is unclear whether Bindi still enjoys zoo animal raps surrounded by a posse of dancing crocmen.

Words By Nikki Brogan
Image by Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images.