Tennis star Serena Williams starred in a banned ad campaign for the new game Top Spin 4.

It’s already been deemed inappropriate by the FCC, but before that even happened company 2K Sports, who created the tennis game, tried to pull it from the Internet, saying it was never authorised by them for release. Which is strange, because it’s pretty hard to get two semi-naked chicks in a slick video like this without some kind of corporate budget. And how would they be playing the game that isn’t even out yet if it hadn’t been provided by the company?

Smells like a solid grab at internet hype to us. Extra points scored for nabbing what is allegedly the World’s Sexiest Tennis Gamer (what a formidable title, she’s actually an actress), Rileah Venderbilt and the hilariously tacky music, which seems to combine the synth cheese of Dave Guetta with the on-court grunts of Sharapova and Kournikova.

Now that’s an ace if ever we saw it.

via Blackbook.