Holy Shit, A Selling Sunset Spinoff Based In Florida Is Hitting Netflix & It Looks Fkn Spicy

selling tampa sunset spinoff netflix

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely tore through season 4 of Selling Sunset in one weekend like the starving little drama goblin that you are.

The only problem there is that you’re now once again devoid of any Oppenheim Group-adjacent gossip in your life — also like me. Well, never fear my escrow-obsessed friend, because a spinoff series is hitting Netflix on Wednesday night.

Enter: Selling Tampa.

That’s right, the popular reality (?) show about the interpersonal dynamics (read: mad spicy drama) of a bunch of glammed-up real estate agents has skipped over to the east coast of America to highlight a whole new brokerage in Tampa, Florida.

The trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago, it’s literally landing on Netflix in Australia tonight at 7pm, and it’s somehow flown entirely under my radar until this morning. And mates, it looks fucking great.

The owner of Allure Realty is a military veteran by the name of Sharelle Rosado, and her team is made up of a strong, empowered, confident cast of Black women — all of them aiming to be top shit on the Tampa luxury real estate scene.

Selling Tampa moves away from the Oppenheim twins and their domination of the Los Angeles region and instead focuses on Allure Realty on the Suncoast. It might be thousands of kilometres away from the original series’ landscape but one thing’s the same — the houses they’re selling are fucking ridiculous.

If anything, the market might be more ludicrous than what we’ve seen in the original west coast series, because not only are a lot of these houses incredibly opulent, they’re usually right on the water so the owners can park their fucking superyachts right at the back door.

Someone check in on Gina Rinehart, does she know about this?

But it’s really not a Selling series without a heavy coating of spicy drama, and judging from the trailer, Selling Tampa has plenty of it. Hell, barely a minute in and one woman (Rena Frazier) is already sussing out the idea of opening her own brokerage. Please tell me Rena is the Floridian version of Maya Vander, she’s the fucken best.

So if you’re absolute fanging for some more hot gossip, high fashions and insanely fucking humongous houses to daydream about living in, Selling Tampa hits Netflix tonight at 7pm.

You’re welcome.