Selling Sunset’s Jason Is ‘Still Healing’ Post Chrishell Breakup & Babe, Just Buy A New Mansion

Jason Oppenheim gave an interview about his breakup with Selling Sunset co-star Chrishell Stause and now my heart is breaking for the ultimate short king.

ICYMI, Jason and Chrishell started dating in July 2021 after season four of the show aired. They then broke up in December 2021. But their entire relo took place during the filming of season five, which is currently airing. Did someone say awkies?

Jason told Page Six he was “still healing” after the split. He also spoke about how it was watching the season.

To make things more intense, season five of Selling Sunset is putting on its Ru Paul’s Drag Race hat and filming a reunion. The reunion will film on April 24, as per Page Six. It’ll then drop on Netflix on May 6.

“I don’t think [the reunion] will help,” Jason told the publication.

“I think it’s making things more difficult. Having to rewatch it has made things more difficult and I think the reunion will make things more difficult.”

I never thought I’d feel this bad for a real estate agent but OMG.

Jason Oppenheim said watching the season of Selling Sunset was much tougher than he expected. Honestly I can’t think of anything worse than having to watch a season of TV about me and an ex.

“I did watch it a couple of days ago and it was even more difficult than I expected,” he said.

“So I don’t think anyone should have to do that, to be honest.”

According to Jason he’s “still healing [and] still processing” the breakup.

“It’s clearly going to be a longer process than I expected.”

The couple broke up because they ultimately wanted different things for the future. Chrishell wanted kids while Jason didn’t.

In another interview with PEOPLE, Jason said he still loved Chrishell.

“I’ve had very few serious relationships and, in many ways, this was the most serious,”Jason said.

“It felt real and deep and loving. I still love her, obviously, so it has definitely been an extremely difficult process for me.”

My god, it’s like a bloody Jane Austen novel but with better weather!

Obv it’s pretty uncomfortable for Jason and Chrishell to watch their relo play out on Selling Sunset. But fans watching the new season have also commented on how weird it is to watch a couple’s relationship when you know they aren’t together anymore.

This latest season of Selling Sunset is now available to stream on Netflix.