Selin From MAFS’ Bday Celebrations Took A Fkn Turn When Her Limo Literally Caught Fire


MAFS Pot-stirring queen Selin Mengu‘s birthday took a wild turn on Saturday when her limo literally burst into flames. The chaotic string of events were a perfect metaphor for this massive, scorched earth rollercoaster of a MAFS season.

Selin was out with her besties celebrating her birthday in a set of wheels that reportedly cost $220,000 as per the Daily Mail. The gang were on their way to a strip club. But they ended up seeing a different kind of man in uniform.

Comedian and TikToker Christine Abadir is one of Selin’s mates. She documented the entire experience on Instagram. Side—note: we should deffo get Christine on the next season of MAFS. Her Instagram stories were chaotic AF in the best way possible.

It’s unclear what exactly led to Selin’s flaming stretch hummer. We’re just happy nobody got hurt!

Selin cracked open a bottle of sparkling. Then all of a sudden, the group were standing on a highway behind their flaming party on wheels.

Christine recorded a selfie video from the side of a highway where the women were congregating.

“Guys, our Hummer’s on fire. I’m not joking,” Christine said without an ounce of panic in her voice.

The smoke could be seen rising from the top of the van while the driver walked towards them and confirmed that the fire brigade (not the stripper type) were on their way.

“This girl is on fireeeee,” confirmed Christine.

A group of fire fighters then showed up. Christine took a pic of their arrival. She said: “this [was] better than the strip club”.

“Guys, the police officers are hot. Maybe they can be the strippers.”


The squad then boarded the firetruck and were driven to the strip club. Probably because they didn’t get enough flaming hot men for one day.

This TikTok of a passer-by gave a brutal close-up of just how on-fire this hummer was.


I want a refund! #fuckednights #hummeronfire #fire #girlsnightout

♬ Sex on Fire – Kings Of Leon

The final few Insta Stories confirm Selin and the gals eventually made it to the strip joint. Thank GOD.

MAFS continues on Sunday night at 7:30pm on Nine.