All The Snaps From Selfish Saturday, So You Can Say “Ew I Look Gross In That One”

Selfish Saturday pictures

Hoo boy, what a weekend team.

There’s nothing quite like a day spent drawing naked Bachie stars, tanning (or burning depending on skin type) while playing a bitter ping pong, scoffing down tacos while listening to sex tips, and copping bubbles to the face as DJs pump out near-deafening bangers.

Those are just a few highlights from Selfish Saturday, our self-care festival presented by The House of Angostura, that went down last weekend.

While most of you who got involved are most definitely still recovering, we thought it’d be a nice treat to show you some primo highlights from the beautifully bonkers day:

lot was going on, so here’s a stab at condensing the 10-hour day down to a few dot points:

  • Flex Mami schooled the crowd in manifestation.
  • Livers were given a big ol’ hug at The House of Angostura’s Better Mix bar.
  • Ciarran Stott got his peach out….for art.
  • Bachie fave Timm rocked up out of the blue.
  • The House of Angostura hosted a Better Mix panel to help us manage our smug Sundays.
  • Bulk Mexican food was consumed by the hungry masses.
  • Punters won a shit-tonne of Havaianas, Swarovski earrings and Openair Cinemas tickets just for playing a bitter ping pong.
  • Other punters were given Lovehoney 50 Shades of Grey vibrators for winning vibrator races.
  • Chitra used her voice of an angel to soothe our broken soul.
  • Double Denim hit us in the face with balls-to-the-wall comedy.
  • Banoffee, Kosmetika, P-UniQue and DAWS were unrelenting with the bangers.
  • Chantelle Otten, Jenni Ryall, Alex Hayes and batyr speaker Cara were inspiring and insightful.
  • MAFS pro Mel Schilling and Big Brother star Tully Smyth helped the hopeless with all things dating-related.
  • The Big Gay debate tackled the question, “Are we asking too much of our gay icons?”. (Apparently no, we’re not.)
  • It switched into overdrive when Jose Cuervo’s Cosmic Tequila Spritz bar came out to play.
  • The crew from Sportsgirl overhauled people’s hair, face and life in general.

The fortunate souls who attended also walked away with a goodie bag with over $100 worth of free stuff, courtesy of The House of Angostura, Cadbury, Jose Cuervo, batyr, Sportsgirl, Helium, Havaianas, Mimi Kini, Almo, Lovehoney, Shelby’s and Good Pair Days, Flex Mami, Modibodi, Remedy and Lifestyles.

Until the next one, peace out.

Don’t drink ’til ya over 18 and do it responsibly, pls.