SORRY BIEBS: Selena’s Been Snapped Flirting With A Hillsong Bloke In Sydney

Selena Gomez Sydney Flirting Hillsong Johnny Rays

ICYMI, Selena Gomez is currently in Australia enjoying some downtime (away from on-off squeeze Justin Bieber, I might add).

Just yesterday, the 25-year-old singer was snapped enjoying an unseasonably hot March day on Sydney Harbour, while also enjoying the attention of an unseasonably hot ~mystery man~.

Of course, the Internet is packed to the brim with amateur sleuths, and the bloke’s identity has not remained unknown for long.

Elle published pics of the pair and reports that he’s actually Sydney-based Johnny Rays (actual birth name? I highly doubt it), and he works for Hillsong Church, of which Sel and Biebs are both famous followers.

In fact, Selena’s fans reckon she’s in town for a Hillsong conference, so it make total sense that she’d be hanging out with someone who works there.

The play-fighting and hugging… well, that’s another thing entirely and I am NOT here to judge.

Selena and Justin have apparently been on a break for several weeks now, and looking at her Aussie vacay it doesn’t seem like she’s too upset about it.

Unlike millions of Jelena shippers. Sniff.