Selena Gomez Is Using Instagram’s Longform Vid Feature To Scare Ya Shitless

Horror lovers, Selena Gomez and Petra Collins have teamed up again on a short film titled A Love Story. Sweet title aside, the short flick’s just a tad creepy which is nothing too surprising after their collaboration on Fetish – a music video filled with dreamy pastel aesthetics and shards of glass.

Released excerpts from the short film coincide with Insta’s launch of IGTV, a standalone app for playing vertical and wayyy longer videos (up to an hour). You can grab it off the App Store or suss it via the IGTV button on your Insta homescreen.

The short film was written by The Pisces author, Melissa Broder AKA @SoSadToday on Twitter.

In a series of three videos on Collins’ Insta account, Gomez is seen sucking on an eyeball, caressing a woman with hands as a FACE (created by prop master Sarah Sitkin), scraping icing off her leg with a butcher knife, and taking a bath with a face while the apparent body chills in the living room.

Part One is named A Love Story, Part Two Cake, and Part Three has the title Turtle. 

Here are some shots from the film, below:

And a little preview:

Being that Gomez’s fan base is ginormous, the videos have been receiving quite a bit of attention. The general audience are seemingly digging the new looks although a coupla of ol’ school fans are wishing for the “Old Selena” back but, meh.

A Love Story directed by Petra Collins is available on IGTV.

Earlier this month, Gomez unleashed the music video for her tune Back To You and it may or may not have had a ton of Justin Bieber references in it.