Today, the world has been rocked by the news that ultimate ladies man Justin Bieber – who in my lifetime has dated more girls than I’ve had hot dinners, no judgement (but also, heaps of judgement) – is engaged to his second-most famous on-off girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin.

So of course we’re all wondering what his most famous on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez makes of the news. After all, the pair briefly reconciled earlier this year after being on again, off again since 2010 and Jelena shippers across the globe rejoiced for the 0.5 seconds that it lasted.

please enjoy this extremely long gif that i did not make i swear

After they split in March, Justin moved on with his other ex Hailey (who herself dated singer Shawn Mendes briefly before dropping him like the hot potato he is) and it’s been reported that Biebs has popped the question while on vacation in the Bahamas.

While Selena is yet to comment on the news, and to be fair she might because she’s proven to be sassy AF in the past, this particular picture speaks a thousand words. Appearing in an Instagram post on her pal Theresa Mingus‘ account, Sel is pictured looking ~very carefree~ on a boat in New York City.


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Bikini on point, cheeky tongue poking out, living her best life on a boat? Science has basically proven there’s no better way to subtly respond to the news your ex is suddenly engaged to someone else.

She’s also in Theresa’s Insta story, which fans have reposted to Twitter:

Of course, certain outlets have had “sources” reporting on Selena’s reaction, with HollywoodLife claiming that:

Selena was totally shocked and stunned to hear it’s being reported that Justin proposed to Hailey. She honestly can’t believe it. Selena didn’t think they were even that serious, so the thought of them getting married is just mind-boggling to her.

Honestly, Sel? Same.

Image: Getty Images / C Flanigan