Second Season Of Jane Campion’s ‘Top Of The Lake’ To Be Filmed In Sydney

For those of you keen on doing the odd bit of star spotting – a rare-ish pastime ’round these parts that’s usually exhausted once every box on the “Daddo” list has been checked – this news ought to be right up your alley.

Jane Campion‘s Top Of The Lake is gearing up to start rolling cameras on season two, with revelation coming today that the entire season will be set in – and more importantly shot in – our city of Sydney.
The brooding whodunnit will bring its entire production out this way to shoot the season – which presumably will run on a similar path to the six episode length of season one – including the cast headed up by Mad Men shining star Elizabeth Moss.
The extended cast also features Holly Hunter, Lucy Lawless, and David Wenham among others, and Campion herself will also be serving as a co-director for the series.
The first season was nominated for eight Emmy awards, picking up one for its cinematography – fitting for its universal praise as being a masterfully shot show.
BBC2 commissioned the second series, which is due to enter pre-production in December.
Yet again, our sincerest condolences to the ABC, who famously passed on the series after insisting that an Australian actor should play the lead.
They got PEGGY OLSON, you fools! It was a lobbed softball and you whiffed on it!