Allegedly Famous Sean Penn Is Apparently Grumpy Over Having To Wait In Line At Bondi

sean penn bondi

Sean Penn, alleged ‘famous’ actor and apparent ‘acclaimed’ director has reportedly faced a bit of rough treatment in Sydney’s Bondi. And by rough treatment I mean he wasn’t handed his VIP reception on a silver platter and got a bit peeved. The pitfalls of fame, they’re truly deep and dark.

61-year-old Sean Penn and his ex-wife Leila George, who is twenty-freaking nine (two years younger than Penn’s own daughter) were left stunned after they were made to wait in line at Bondi’s RAW Bar according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Celebrities thinking they can just waltz into a delicious Japanese restaurant without waiting? In my Bondi? It’s more likely than you’d think.

Penn then reportedly proceeded to get in line with George (who is 32 years his junior), where he was apparently overheard having a little bitch to her about having to wait for a table. I Am Sam came out a long time ago sir, get the fuck in line.

Apparently, Penn was left “unimpressed” after being asked to line up, which truly speaks volumes about his character.

Despite Leila George filing for a divorce back in October, the rumour mill kicked back in full force at the end of last year when they were spotted hanging out again and celebrating New Year’s together.

George and Penn dated for four years and were married for one, starting things off when George was only 24. For legal reasons, I will not be commenting on the nature of this relationship. Love is love etc etc, nothing to see here defamation police.

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One of these aforementioned super hotties is everyone’s boyfriend Paul Mescal, who is over here to film sci-fi flick Foe with other mega babes Saoirse Ronan and Lakeith Stanfield.

Mescal and Ronan are set to play a husband and wife in this fictional dystopian world while Stanfield’s role is still a mystery. Oh, and they’ve all been spotted in Victoria’s Fitzroy, so put your best gear on and get out there.

I just know in my heart of hearts that they’d wait in line. They’re respectable like that.