Sean Dumped Blair On ‘MAFS’ And Nobody Really Cared About It

Oh jiminy cricket, another one bites the dust on Married At First Sight. This time it was Sean and Blair and everyone’s reaction on Twitter was kinda just, “meh”. 

Let’s be real, we saw it coming in last night’s commitment ceremony and this was the nail in the arranged marriage coffin. Blair, who seems like a genuinely great person, just not saucy enough for reality TV (soz Blair) got bloody pissy when Sean refused to go on home stay. She pulled a, “You kinda owed it [home stay] to me but whatever.” Sean just sat there in silence, looking like Bill Shorten. Also, he just never seemed to dig their relationship and kept whinging about the whole affection thing so at least Blair can move on now. Afterwards we had the classic hasty pack-up scene, followed by the heartbroken scene, and then it was done.

Twitter felt bad…and then not so much.

I guess this is what happens when you just have two normal and nice people on the show.

Anyway, here’s the breakup:

Meanwhile in Troy and Ashley world:

No context needed. Troy’s just being weird AF Troy at a time where nobody was talking about his intact or not intact virginity card yet. Ah, drama. Also, the dolphin doesn’t deserve this.

Anywayyyy, the real action in tonight’s ep was Dean being a fucking idiot, once again. Even though Davina’s out of the picture, Tracey’s still obviously pissed about the cheating and warned Dean that her friends would be too. And ofc, Dean replies with a brilliant, “I didn’t cheat!”  Tracey is shooketh and explains it’s “emotional cheating”, a concept completely lost on her husband. Dean shrugs it off, yet again, and maintains his title of token MAFS dickhead.

Surprise, surprise Tracey’s friends don’t like Dean when he explains what went down with Davina.

Nobody likes Dean.

Also, people still miss Ryan.

Don’t we all.

Ah home stay, you never disappoint.