Greetings, fellow internet-user. You might have noticed these years past that the online community has a bit of a ~ thing ~ for renowned actor and ruggedly handsome human Sean Bean, and they express their joy over his thingyness by meme-ing the absolute fuck out of him.

The lack of chill the internet has for Sean Bean is second only to Liam Neeson, who would find you, and kill you, if he gave any kind of fuck about you at all.

It reached its peak in the recently released film The Martian, when Sean Bean’s character – who ICYM the last fucking decade, played Boromir in Lord of the Rings, where his character attended the Council of Elrond, when he dropped his classic “One does not simply walk into Mordor” – had to explain what the Council of Elrond was to a room full of NASA staff. IN THE MARTIAN. It was full-on Bean-flavoured fever.

Well, even Seanius Beanius himself is not immune to the utter saturation of his digital presence, speculating that his legacy will not be the many and varied parts he has played, but instead be the many and decidedly unvaried memes he’s inspired.

“For some reason, the parts I play, like Boromir or Ned Stark, have a life online long afterwards,”
says the actor, who has died no less than 25 times on screen. “I keep seeing, what do you call them? Memes? ‘One does not simply ask for a drink’ instead of ‘One does not simply walk into Mordor’ – that sort of thing. They’ll probably be my unintended legacy.”

“I have died quite a few times to be fair. I’ve seen that reel of clips – it sounds a bit macabre, but I watched that back, and I’d forgotten some of the scenes I died in.” 

Sean Bean. Died 25x, but 4eva in our <3s.

via Radio Times.