Scream’s Neve Campbell & Courteney Cox Revealed A Wild Murder Scene Ended Up Getting Scrapped

If you’re hearing screams emanating from your local cinemas, it’s not because there’s a popcorn shortage. It’s because the brand new Scream flick is out now and it’s bringing ’90s terror to a new generation.

Ahead of the release of the fifth Scream flick, titled Scream, just like the OG, PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted to lead stars and ultimate final girls Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox.

During our chat, I asked the gals for their favourite moments from the entire franchise as well as a scene or storyline that ended up getting slashed.

As for their favourite scene, both actresses agreed that the scene in which Sidney (Neve) slaps Gail (Courteney) was iconic, as well as the follow-up scene where Sidney and Tatum (Rose McGowan) were reminiscing on the slap.

Courteney then shared a lil tidbit that Scream fans will be intrigued by: apparently David Arquette‘s character Dewey was supposed to be killed off in the first flick, but after his character tested so well with audiences, they ended up scrapping his death scene and kept him alive.

“I was actually with one of the producers not long ago and there was a time, I think it was in the first Scream, where David’s character Dewey was gonna be killed off, then they saw how he came across and people loved him so they scrapped it,” Courteney revealed.

Sidney and Gail in the new Scream.

Courteney also shared that since she had only been known for playing sweet characters like Monica on Friends, she was concerned that director Wes Craven would be unsure of whether or not she could play snarky character Gail.

“I wrote him a letter, or maybe I just sent him a signed picture, and said ‘Trust me, I can be a bitch!’” Courteney revealed.

So what’s next for the future of the Scream franchise?

“I would imagine that the audience will want more films,” Courteney said.

“I think the intention is for more films to be made,” Neve added. “They’ve brought in this fantastically talented and enthusiastic young cast who could carry it on and I think audiences will be invested in them.”

Scream is now in cinemas, catch our full interview with the cast below: