Scott Dooley Talks Selfies, Snapchat And Suspect Photos

Former triple j presenter, teller of highly-amusing jokes and all-around excellent individual Scott ‘Dools’ Dooley stopped by our offices recently, and for some reason, as any conversation with us seems to go, the subject of dicks and balls came up.

He reckons, not unreasonably, that our obsession with sending pictures of our junk back and forth will lead to a cold war situation in years to come, when we realise they’re all still up there on the cloud. Allow him to explain:  

Dooley is fresh off a year of stand-up touring, both in Australia and abroad, and has just released the Debut, a unique documentary that gives you a look at the comedy as well as the man behind the scenes.
You can catch the excellence that is Scott Dooley’s stand-up show at the following festivals. If you happen to be Hot Dogs from Big Brother, you may like to know that you’re getting in for free:
January 23 – 31: Casa Mondo, Perth (Fringe World) – Get Tickets
February 19 – 21: Palace Nova Cinemas, Adelaide (Adelaide Fringe Festival) – Get Tickets
March 26 – April 17: Trades Hall, Melbourne (Melbourne International Comedy FestivalGet Tickets