Yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott covered himself in glory yet again when, during an interview about the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum, he managed to alienate around half the country’s population.

He told a BBC interviewer that those who favour breaking away from the United Kingdom stand opposed to the ideas of freedom and justice, and that an independent Scotland would not do the rest of the world any good.

Needless to say, Scotland is not taking his remarks very well. Earlier today, the pro-independence group YES Scotland took the piss by posting this official “apology” on Australia’s behalf, featuring none other than Barry Humphries‘ crude character Sir Les Patterson:

Supporters of the independence movement have also taken to sharing images from Braveheart, from which … well, you can draw your own conclusions.

BBC News report that Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond is also less than thrilled about the whole situation. “Mr Abbott’s comments are hypocritical because independence does not seem to have done Australia any harm,” he said. 

“They are foolish,” he continued, “because of the way he said it. To say the people of Scotland who supported independence weren’t friends of freedom or justice, I mean, the independence process is about freedom and justice.” 

Salmond went on to say that Scotland’s referendum is a “model of democratic conduct” and Mr Abbott’s comments were “offensive” to Scots, adding that out “notoriously gaffe-prone” Prime Minister had “put his foot right in it” again.  

Whoever will he offend next?

Photo: Dan Kitwood via Getty Images