Schitt’s Creek Made Emmys History With Its 7 Award Wins & Dan Levy’s Reactions Were So Wholesome

It’s official folks, Schitt’s Creek has made a clean sweep at the 2020 Emmys, taking home the first seven awards of the night, as well as a costume design award earlier today, and Dan Levy‘s reactions each time were so wholesome.

Let’s just take it all in for a second: Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actress, Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Comedy Writing and Best Comedy Directing, as well as Outstanding Contemporary Costumes. Whoo boy, that’s a doozy.

We absolutely love to see it. I for one believe in Schitt’s Creek supremacy.

The first award of the night went to Catherine O’Hara, with a much-deserved win for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

“I will forever be grateful… for the opportunity to play a woman of a certain age, my age, who gets to fully be her ridiculous self,” said O’Hara in her acceptance speech.

“I wish you all a sound mind and a sound body, and though these are the strangest of days, may you have as much joy being holed up in a room or two with your family as I have with my dear Roses.”

Same Dan, same.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, first of all, please do, but secondly, it’s important to note that the Roses are the iconic family that the show follows. O’Hara has NOT been holed up with a bunch of flowers.

Many fans across social media have been celebrating Schitt’s Creek’s success, captioning screenshots with a quote from the show: “What is your favourite season?” “Awards.”

Fans are also sharing their favourite moments from the absolutely adorable Dan Levy, whose reactions made the night.


The night was a huge success for the main cast consisting of O’Hara, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy and Eugene Levy.

The awards given to all main cast members made Schitt’s Creek the first comedy or drama to ever sweep all four [acting] categories, which is huge for the Canadian production.

Daniel Levy and his father Eugene teamed up to give an amazing acceptance speech for the Outstanding Comedy Series award, all while looking absolutely bomb.

The team were celebrating at their very own COVID-safe party in Toronto, and you can check out the deets on that here. 

You can check out the speech below, in which Daniel encourages Americans to vote, which is becoming more and more important as election season approaches. Also, the father-son duo makes me want to cry with how sweet they are together.

A big old deserved congrats to the cast of Schitt’s Creek for their massive Emmys sweep.

The 72nd Primetime Emmys are happening right now. You can stay up to date with all the winners and whatnot with us right HERE.