Scarlett Johansson Being Carried By A Headless Body In ‘Marriage Story’ Has Fucked Me Up

Netflix’s latest film Marriage Story has been making headlines for the past week for it’s truly heartbreaking story of divorce that caused us all to ugly cry. But like all good things, it only took one viral tweet to absolutely ruin it.

Here’s Scarlett Johansson being carried by a headless body, footage that will definitely haunt your dreams for the rest of eternity.

The film, which premiered on Netflix on December 6, follows the heart-wrenching divorce of Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson). Marriage Story takes us on the journey of Charlie and Nicole’s nasty divorce and custody battle, a journey that many of us can relate to.

But there’s one specific moment in the film when viewers replaced their ugly-cries with looks of total confusion.

It happens right around the 1:24 mark of the film (you’re welcome), when Nicole carries their son Henry out of the house.

A combination of the lighting, camera angle and position of the two actors makes for the truly horrifying image of Scarlett Johansson’s head on a child’s body being carried by a headless person.

It was first pointed out by One Day At A Time writer Eliza Cossio on Twitter, but the same idea was shared by a number of other users who claimed they saw the optical illusion too.

If you can’t see it, imagine ScarJo’s head on the child’s body looking over its shoulder. Horrifying, I know.

Eliza’s tweet has amassed over 28,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets since being posted on December 13, prompting its own Twitter Moment.

In true Twitter fashion, ScarJo being carried by a headless body was instantly meme-ified, making for some hilarious reactions.

Scarlett Johansson being carried by a headless body is not real, Scarlett Johansson being carried by a headless body cannot hurt you.

But even if she can’t hurt you, good luck ever un-seeing this nightmarish sight.

Marriage Story is now available for your streaming pleasure on Netflix. However, I must warn you that this film is a 10/10 tear jerker, and this individual scene is pretty much the only time you won’t be a blubbering mess on the floor. Watch at your own risk.