SBS Is Bringing Back Slow TV With A Willy Wonka-Level Peek Into The Cadbury Factory

If anything, now is the absolute best time to pizzle away three hours watching slow tv, and the geniuses over at SBS have cottoned onto this and announced its next showing. It’ll be taking a multi-hour look behind the curtain at the Cadbury factory, so get ready for extremely soothing footage of chocolate being stirred and other prime slow tv content.

Now it might not be as long as that marathon viewing of The Ghan, but The Chocolate Factory: Inside Cadbury Australia follows the choccy process from start to finish, from the moment the sugarcane gets harvested and the cows get milked, right through to when it ends up in the sweeties aisle at your local shops.

Judging by the trailer, it’s gonna be exactly what you think; three whole hours of machines mixing, pouring, moving, working methodologically. It’s absolutely going to make me drool and feel incredibly satisfied at the same time.

I mean, just watch the trailer. It’s all so routine and repetitive, and sounds like some hectic Cadbury choccy slow tv ASMR.

Scored by former Go-Betweens violinist Amanda Brown, and award-winning composer and musician Caitlin Yeo, the big, slow doco will be perfect for those days when you’re in it for the long haul. Hangovers? Check. Self-isolation? Check. Zoning in and out of sleep while a bit crook? Check.

The Chocolate Factory officially lands over the Easter long weekend, on SBS at 7.30pm on April 11, and again on VICELAND on April 12 at the chocolate coma-appropriate time of 3.35pm. Hopefully we’ll all be out of social distancing and work-from-home mode by then.