Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson has earned his keep after a few years at the world’s most famous variety show, which means he’s now at liberty to dish on certain guests – including US President Donald Trump.

And because of that freedom, we’re now privy to yet another anecdote that speaks to Trump’s singular brand of narcissistic idiocy.

In a conversation with Peter Rosenberg for Complex’s Open Late, Davidson shared a telling story about Trump’s visit to the show in late 2015.

“He faked a phone call during a table read,” Davidson said, explaining the man who would later go on to lead America felt compelled to stunt on a bunch of strangers.

“He goes, ‘Hello,’ he goes, ‘Oh, fantastic, okay, great’, and he hung up,” Davidson said.

“Then he goes ‘Hey everybody, my book just went number one.'”

Davidson pointed out the phone never actually rung, and that the bloke didn’t even leave enough time between picking the phone up and responding to actually hear the ‘news’ his book topped a list.

That revelation comes a couple of years after Davidson’s initial and somewhat guarded revelation that Trump was either unwilling to accept written directions, or was simply incapable of interpreting them.

What a wonderful quality for the President of the United States to possess.

Image: NBC / Getty Images