So we were out at lunch yesterday when we got the call informing us that we were going to have the pleasure of interviewing Sasha Grey aka arguably the World’s biggest pornstar at the moment / American Apparel model, in her hotel room… It sure made for an euphoric end to the afternoon.

What’s interesting though is how each of our different girlfriends took the news. On one side of the spectrum we had partners who were genuinely happy for us and the opportunity, and lets just say the reaction from the other side of the tunnel was quite the antithesis. ; )

If you’ve ever watched one of Sasha’s (clothed) videos, you would know she’s an extremely learned young lady with the World at her feet which is why we’ve always struggled to understand how this is the same young lady who has played a feature role in film titles such as “Cum Buckets 8”? Rather than spend our life pondering we quizzed her on it, we asked whether she ever cringes at the names of the films she stars in. In short, she answered “Yes” saying that she’d love to make films that her fans could display proudly up on their shelves with the rest of their DVD collection and that it’s something that she’s actually looking to change with her own directing and production work.

There’s no denying she’s going to do big things in the industry (pardon the pun,) but today just certified it for myself; she’s a woman on a mission with a goal and an ambition to match. She’s going to reshape porn forever and she knows it. Her mother should be proud of her.

And the best part is she ain’t no one trick pony either; the star of Cum Buckets 8 is out here in Australia for the premiere of her first feature film directed by Steven Soderbergh; The Girlfriend Experience, showing tonight at the State Theatre in Sydney.

Click here for tickets and info.

But don’t worry if you miss out the film will be showing in cinemas nationally in September!