Sasha Grey Goes Down Under

Hey guys, I know Christmas shopping is hard and all but if you’re after a joke present that dovetails nicely with Australian culture the promotional teaser for “Sexpo Australia”, a two hour exploration of the world’s largest sex convention, should convince you to put that Kangaroo bong back on the rack.

Hosted by recent Pedestrian interviewee and “Girlfriend Experience” actress Sasha Gray the film features “Carnal Carnival, Naked Surfing, Amateur Strip Competitions and SEXPO Showgirls” and promises to “takes viewers on an adventure outside the convention walls to explore Australian culture firsthand with Sasha.”

Logically the film’s teaser features a sheepish Gray asking the viewer “Wanna go…down under with me?” which is witty because, geographically, Australia is known as the “Land Down Under” AND “going down” on someone is common slang for a sexual act. You could almost say that this is the perfect tag line for a sex-related film set in Australia and that the person who conceived the tag line is a fucking genius. Do you get it everyone? Wanna go…down under with me. It’s like she’s alluding to some kind of sexual act but in the end she’s referring to AUSTRALIA! MENSA called Mr. Tagline Writer, so did NASA!

Anyway, you can imagine the Yuletide LOLs to be had. Your Dad or some other authority figure could be lurking in the background somewhere…on hands and knees, riffling desperately through some particularly embarrassing subset of porn you’ve never even heard of.