TEA: Jett Kenny Revealed One Of His SAS Co-Stars Blocked Him On Insta & The Story Is Fkn Spicy

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

While reality shows like The Bachelor and MAFS are all about the behind-the-scenes drama, SAS Australia is more about the gruesome on-camera scenes. However, it turns out there’s some backstage drama brewing, and 2021 contestant, Jett Kenny just spilled the tea.

The athlete was interviewed by Ash Pollard and Angus O’Laughlin, who are filling in on Hit Queensland’s Breakfast for Cliffo and Gabo while they’re on break, and during the chat, Jett shared some spicy goss about one of his SAS Australia co-stars.

Jett revealed that back in 2019 when he was on Dancing With The Stars, he received some nasty DMs on Instagram from someone he didn’t know. However, he noticed that a certain celebrity, who he would go on to star alongside on this year’s SAS Australia, was following the person DMing him.

Then when he asked the unnamed celeb what the deal is, he got blocked.

“I’m not going to say who it is,” Jett coyly told the hosts. “It was on Dancing with the Stars and Lilly [Cornish] and I were sort of getting bad messages from someone saying that we were bad people.”

“I’ll give you the PG story,” he said. “We ended up just confronting the person and I noticed that they were following this other person now on [SAS Australia] and I was following them as well, so I sent them a screenshot of the message and I was just like, ‘Do you know this person blah blah blah?’ And didn’t get a reply, and just got blocked straight away. So, um, I’m still blocked.”

Then, when he was recruited for this year’s SAS Australia, he met the cast and suddenly realised that one of his co-stars was the person who blocked him way back when.

“I saw them when I got on the show and I tried to put two and two together but it didn’t really click until about day two or day three,” he recalled.

“I mean you can’t check because we’ve got no phones and I just had to wait until I got out and the show done and I was still blocked.”


Happy hunting for who it is, fam.

SAS Australia is currently airing on Seven.