The SAS Australia Finale Was Literally An Explosive Ending To Aussie Reality TV This Year

The SAS Australia finale just aired, and it’s safe to say the last Aussie reality TV event of the year went out with a bang… literally. Aside from the usual ice-cold water, spontaneous “casualties” and shouty British men, the final episode’s challenges also included a car bomb, for some reason.

Turns out, a couple of the celebs (three or four, depending on who’s counting) actually have what it takes to complete the course.

Keeping mind just how brutal SAS Australia is compered to other reality TV shows, completing the course is actually a pretty impressive feat.

As with most episodes, it was Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and the Directing Staff who made the show interesting.

But it wasn’t only the SAS team who drew comparisons to more famous doppelgängers.

During their frantic, late-night attempt to escape their hostage situation, the celebs all got lost and then encountered a car bomb. Wild.

Not long after, rally driver Molly Taylor voluntarily withdrew.

Only comedian Merrick Watts, AFLW star Sabrina Frederick, rugby legend Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins and retired swimming champ James Magnussen made it to the every end of the course (and the series).

Except poor old James didn’t actually make the cut for SAS selection, despite completing the course and delivering the best line of the whole episode: “Rations and… various.”

Among those of us with a thirst for spoilers, we knew this would happen to someone, but it really is a shame to see it happen to poor old James.

As for the other three recruits, a round of congratulations was in order.

Ant then called the selectees “fucken maggots” and… that’s it! What now?

It feels kind of weird putting to bed the last Aussie reality TV show of 2020.

How about a reunion episode, Real Housewives style?

Never fear, Channel 7 had us covered by airing the UK version immediately after the Aussie one wound up.

More Ant for us. But perhaps more Schapelle Corby was what we really wanted.