Last Night’s SAS Australia Aired One Of The Grossest Scenes I’ve Ever Witnessed On Reality TV

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

SAS Australia fans had their eyes assaulted by several fucked-up scenes on last night’s episode, which has been described as nothing short of “sickening”.

Yesterday, before the ep aired, one of the goss rags tipped us off to a horrific upcoming scene, only we weren’t sure at the time which celeb was involved.

The gossip mongers at New Idea reported in their latest issue that a “sickening” challenge led to a star being rushed to hospital.

That star was ultimately revealed to be singer Pete Murray, who dislocated his shoulder and was forced to quit the competition.

ICYMI: The aforementioned challenge was a controversial boxing match, in which the celebs battled it out to see who won.

SAS Australia fans will have recognised the challenge from last year’s season, as it drew much backlash at the time after Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins was made to punch AFLW star Sabrina Frederick.

Meanwhile New Idea also alleged that the production has a $100 million insurance policy in the event of such accidents.

“The waivers contestants have to sign are complex,” a source told the mag, claiming some stars signed away their right to litigate in the event they are injured.

And that wasn’t the only sickening moment we were shown last night. In another scene, the troops played the ol’ ‘scissors, paper, rock’ to determine who would be tasked with emptying the toilet bucket.

The honour went to tennis star Alicia Molik and AFL player Heath Shaw, who had to carefully carry the bucket to the dumping spot.

As they’re discarding of the waste, the plastic bag rips and its contents splatter everywhere. As the helpless athletes attempt to drain the waste into the barrel, we then cop an extremely unnecessary close-up of the literal shit and piss that the SAS Australia 2021 cast had left behind.

The image isn’t blurred in any way – it’s just a legit close-up of poo. During primetime. When people are likely to be eating.

It was an assault on the eyes, lemme tell ya.

The SAS Australia cast salaries recently leaked and sure, the stars copped a pretty payday (some more than others, though), but no amount of money would make me want to endure any of the aforementioned tasks and challenges.

Just watching the show is torture enough. Believe me.

SAS Australia is currently airing on Seven.