Sarah Paulson Nicked An Iconic Portrait Of Myrtle Snow From The ‘AHS’ Set

american horror story apocalypse

American Horror Story season eight, otherwise known as Apocalypse, wrapped up on Wednesday and to celebrate, excellent human being Sarah Paulson revealed she had nicked a little something-something from the set.

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Apocalypse meshed Murder House (season one) and Coven (season three) together which meant a lot of OG characters popped up here and there alongside fresh faces. Paulson ended up triple-timing it throughout the series as psychic Billie Dean Howard, Supreme Witch Cordelia Foxx, and Wilhemina Venable. 

Oh, and she also stepped behind the camera to direct an episode.

Taking to her Instagram earlier today, Paulson revealed the one thing she had stolen from set was a portrait of Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) in one of her fabulous outfits.

“The one thing I stole from the set… (literally shot the scene, took it off the wall and put it in my car) it’s now hanging in my house. Dearest Myrtle Snow, Cordelia’s guiding light and true north… I [love] Frances Conroy with my whole heart. I will miss Cordelia, but will remember her every time I see this. #ahsapocalypse”

Cast your minds back to Coven, and you’ll remember Myrtle had been the head of the Witches’ Council before shit went down.

She was also Cordelia’s primary mother figure since Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) was a tad preoccupied.

At the end of Coven – after Myrtle helps Cordelia discover her true powers – she asks to be burned at the stake for brutally murdering her former co-members of the Witches’ Council.

What has this got to do with Apocalypse, watch it and find out.

(Fingers – and just about everything else – crossed that Apocalypse comes to Netflix in the very near future.)