Sarah Murdoch Sacks Granada After Top Model Gaffe

We assumed that heads would roll for Sarah Murdoch’s disastrous presenter gaffe last September and in the media equivalent of “taking a ride to the country” with four Sicilian gentlemen, the Australia’s Next Top Model host/executive producer has confirmed that Granada Australia, the production company responsible for the past six series of the modeling TV show, will not be returning for a seventh cycle. The sacking, reportedly at Murdoch’s behest, is attributed to the widely publicized gaffe in which she announced the wrong winner during last season’s finale. Though the gaffe was initially blamed on a hapless Murdoch, Granada later shouldered the majority of the blame saying it was the fault of a Producer. Speaking of and in light of Murdoch’s power play, that Producer is probably in a Saw-esque prison cell right now contemplating whether life would really be so bad without the use of their left hand.

Speaking with The SMH, Murdoch released the following statement: ”Granada produced Australia’s Top Model for six years. I worked with them for two years. They are a very talented and hard working crew. But after what happened this year I thought very hard about it and decided it was probably time for a change.

Ante up.