Sarah Jessica Parker Enjoyed Watching The Eclipse More Than The Entire Planet

Sarah Jessica Parker took her husband Matthew Broderick and children total solar eclipse chasing on a boat in South Carolina yesterday – and when the moment happened, the girl lost her goddamn mind.

She lost her shit the way we all lose our shit when we are overwhelmed with wonder and awe for the universe. SJP frothed like a champ.

The first vid is a simple introduction to the “eclipse chasers“, looking up at the sun covered by clouds.

In the second vid, the awkwardness of the footage kinda makes it, with SJP looking down the lens in eclipse glasses before mostly showing her audience the water off the side of her boat – with a little bonus nonchalant Broderick in the background.

The second where SJP sees a “chip” of the eclipse “in the upper right hand corner – wait there’s no corners in a circle” she dubs as “maybe one of the most thrilling moments of my life”, ignoring all that naff other stuff like ‘marriage’ or whatever.

And then there’s this corker, as she whirls the camera around in delight: “This is the most spectacular sight I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s happening, you guys, it’s happening.” And she does show us what is happening. “This is the most spectacular, unimaginable, perfect, beautiful!

Broderick’s simple “Wow!” at the end is not enough awed adjectives, please try harder to be enthusiastic, Mr Bueller, thank you.

In the final video of the series, SJP loudly whispers that “We did it! We made it!” which almost makes it sound like her and Brods have some kind of weird celeb-celestial influence on the path of the Moon.

She continues to whisper adjectives: the experience is “humbling” and “extraordinary“.

It’s uncanny: SJP’s profound solar eclipse experience – and kindly sharing it with the world – has single-handedly almost-inspired us to be less cynical all the time. Thank you for this gift.