In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, Sansa Stark – an actress who plays Sophie Turner in the marathon Cosplay of Life – has likened inexplicably popular recording artist Justin Bieber to the sadisticsociopathic product of incest that sits pride of place atop every rational Game of Thrones viewers’ Kill List, Joffrey Baratheon.

It’s the best thing Turner has said in an interview, second only to revealing she adopted her Direwolf, Lady, after the latter was killed off on TV.

“I was only 13 [when I joined Game of Thrones],” Stark tells the Times, “I was one of those girls that read OK! twelve times a week, and I was all ‘Ooh, Justin Bieber’— who is the Joffrey Baratheon of our time,” said Turner, failing to raise any mention of Joffrey Bieber, the Tumblr equivalent of a repulsive pop culture hydra to whom we give thanks for seminal works of art like this:

The fourth season of GoT returns to HBO on April 6th and airs two hours later on Foxtel’s Showcase channel on Monday April 7th.