‘Glow Up Incoming’: Our MAFS Queen Sandy Has Shared Stunning Pre-Show Transformation Pics

mafs sandy

Sandy Jawanda, queen of the dental industry and queen of our hearts, has gone public with her 10-year transformation story. In doing so she has proven for the one millionth time that she was always too good for her former on-screen husband Dan Hunjas.

In a Reel titled “Glow up incoming”, the 37-year-old dumped a bunch of pics from the past 10 years of her life.

“When you’ve done the hard work…and they still say you’re not good enough. I was always good enough. If they can’t see it, that’s their problem,” she wrote.

“Sharing this post took a lot of courage and vulnerability,” she continued.

“These photos are difficult for me to look at, but they are also a reminder of how hard I have worked to be where I’m at now.

“I am 27 in the first photo and 37 in the last. I aim to look even better at 47.”

Of course, Sandy’s definitely celebrating an image-based glow-up here, hence the pics.

In response, a bunch of her followers were quick to reassure her that even in the earlier “pre-transformation pics”, she was still the same Sandy they know and love today.

“Nothing wrong with the first picture. Just a normal person with her hoodie and mac on having a day out,” wrote one woman.

“All I see is beauty,” said another.

Wholesome vibes all round.

However, it’s it’s fair to say that the even bigger glow-up has happened to Sandy’s confidence.

Even during her time on the show, we got to witness part of this process.

Sandy famously navigated her way through the trials and tribulations of being married to a man who was more obsessed with “the ocean” than her.

It was a genuine stinker of a sitch that she came out the other side of, stronger than ever.

Go off, ma’am. We salute you.