Sandy Cohen To Play Sexy, Rich Granddaddy In ‘Cruel Intentions’ Reboot

Peter Gallagher and his sexually-enticing eyebrows have been locked in to the TV reboot of ‘Cruel Intentions‘, playing the daddy father of the late Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe, who definitely won’t be appearing in the reboot because his character is dead).

The news comes from a Variety exclusive, and oh my god just read this character description.


“Gallagher will play Edward Valmont, the father of the late Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe), who is described as a sexy, beguiling, sophisticated, powerful and ruthless billionaire hotel magnate with fingers in many far-reaching financial pies — some legal, some not so much. Edward is delighted to discover that he’s got a long-lost grandson in the newly arrived Bash Casey, and once the DNA test proves his claim, Edward immediately starts grooming Bash for a life of impossible wealth and opportunity.”

Sexy. Did you get that? His entire purpose is to be the sexual groomer daddy with sliding financial (and probably moral / sexual) ethics.

The reboot is set 15 years after the first Cruel Intentions movie, with Sarah Michelle Gellar reprising her role as Kathryn Merteuil, who, if this plot sexnopsis is anything to go by, is definitely going to try and sex her sexy dead step-brother’s sexy son.

“The project follows the cunning Kathryn as she vies for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey, the son of the late Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hargrove. Upon discovering his late father’s legacy in a hidden journal, Bash is introduced to a world of sex, money, power and corruption he never could have imagined.”

Reese Wither-sexy-spoon, for reasons ‘unknown’ – *cough better things to do / money cough* – will not be returning, but Kate Levering will be taking on the role of Annette instead.

Newcomer Taylor John Smith is lined up to play Bash, and will be joined in this reboot-of-all-reboots by Nathalie Kelley (UnReal), Samantha Logan, Sophina Brown, Coby Bell and Bryce Cass will all be appearing in the pilot.

There’s still pilot season for this sexy series to get through, but we have absolutely zero doubt that this will slide on through and burst gloriously all over the other side.


Source: Variety.