Samsung Unveils Bendy TV; Could Effect Couch Placement

Embittered Apple rivals, Samsung, have today revealed a few of their newest offerings, one of which may greatly impact the hours you will undoubtedly be putting in couchside throughout 2014. No longer is ‘slightly curved to the left’ a mildly embarrassing and inconvenient pants fact that only lovers are privy to, now it’s at the forefront of technological advancements.

In a statement, an unnamed Samsung executive, said that a curved television “provides even more lifelike picture quality and depth. It gives you a 3D-like effect without wearing 3D glasses. It provides a truly immersive experience.”
They’re also calling them “the world’s first curved HD TV” which, as Mashable points out, is not very respectful of them considering LG did it first.

Due to the curve it will require more space and a rethink of your current living room configuration – all those hours of building cheat code enhanced houses on The Sims is about to pay off – with the ideal viewing experience zone to be found 2.7432m to 3.9624m away from your curvy teevy. So, if you are thrice-cursed with a small living room you are going to need to burn your house/apartment down, salt the earth and rebuild on more furtile/roomier ground. Re: pixels, no expense was spared! It’s got approximately 11 million (cooooooOOOOOoooool) and is classified as a 4K (aka Ultra HDTV), meaning its resolution is four times better than a 1080p HDTV; the future is wow/now!

They’re also taking about making them flexy so you can adjust the curve and all get silly putty with your home entertainment situation. So now, shall they wrap it up to go?

HEUHEUHEHAAHAHhahahhahahahhah ha, NO. They’re super expensive and with the 105-inch set is priced at a casual $69,999 we’re all limbo’ing too far under the First World poverty line to own them. Reading about them and then finding out the price:

via The Verge