Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle had barely settled their lawsuit with a New York photographer when they found themselves in another run-in with a group of paparazzi, this one in Sydney.

Yesterday afternoon, the couple were driving through Darling Point, in the city’s eastern suburbs, when they claim that a group of paparazzi began following and harassing them, while their young son Rocket Zot was in the car.

Worthington called police on the group, although no charges were laid. Photos of the incident were reportedly being shopped around yesterday afternoon, and footage ended up on Seven News.

In a statement, Worthington subsequently said:

“This is provocation bordering on paedophilia because you would take those photos and put them on the internet and if you don’t know that that is akin to that then I don’t know what kind of humans you are.”

“You’re disgusting, you’re creepy, this is ridiculous, it’s not on.”

Russell Crowe also had a recent encounter with a paparazzi who was hiding in the bushes attempting to snap him and his son, although he took a philosophical approach to it:

via Fairfax
Photo: Axelle / Bauer Griffin via Getty Images