Sam Smith’s Foot Continues To Enter Mouth After “First Gay Man” Oscars Quip

You’d think a day where you won an Oscar would be an unusually good day. Well above average, even. Bordering on pretty fkn great.

But as it turns out, scoring the golden statue yesterday was apparently the only high point in Sam Smith‘s otherwise terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, jesus christ just stop talking day.
Prior to scoring the Best Original Song gong for “Writing’s On The Wall” from the Bond film Spectre, Smith took to the stage of the Dolby Theatre to belt out a rendition of the tune for the live crowd of Hollywood luminaries, and the millions upon millions watching around the world. And, by his own admission, he had an absolute Barry Crocker.

“It was the worst moment of my life. Singing was horrible. I hated every minute.”

Whether it was dealing with that performance, or whether it was just nervous energy bubbling over, when Smith took to the stage with fellow winner Jimmy Napes after being confirmed as an official Oscar-winner, his acceptance speech took things from bad to worse.

“I read an article a few months ago by Sir Ian McKellen and he said no openly gay man had ever won an Oscar. If this is the case, even if it isn’t the case, I want to dedicate this to the LGBT community, all around the world. I stand here, tonight as a proud gay man and I hope we can all stand together as equals some day.”

The problem with that, is that Sir Ian McKellen was only referring to the Best Actor award itself, and stated that no openly gay man had won that individual award.

Later in the night, as Oscar winners fronted press in the post-show media conference, it was pointed out to Smith that he is not, in fact, the first openly gay man to win an Oscar.

Again, the foot went in the mouth.

“Two’s my lucky number.”

“I think I’m the second openly gay person to win it.”

And whilst a little fact checking mightn’t have gone astray, it’s important to note that of all the openly gay people who have previously won Oscars, Smith’s very category is arguably the most LGBTQI-prominent. Including a little unknown performer by the name of Elton John, who won the 1994 award for “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” from The Lion King.

Later on in the evening, a reporter also informed Smith that Howard Ashman, another openly gay lyricist, had actually won two Best Original Song Oscars – one in 1989 for “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, and one in 1991 for “Beauty and the Beast” from (funnily enough) Beauty and the Beast. To which Smith reportedly joked:

“I should know him. We should date.”

That, on paper, doesn’t seem as bad as the others. That is until you realise that Ashman passed away in 1991 of AIDS-related complications.
The list goes on, though. Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim won Best Original Song in 1991, Australia’s Adam Elliott thanked his boyfriend when picking up the Best Animated Short gong in 2004 for Harvey Krumpet, John Gielgud won Best Supporting Actor in 1981 for Arthur, Jodie Foster has won TWO Best Actress awards (although at the time she had not publicly discussed her sexuality), and Alan Ball won the Best Original Screenplay award in 2000 for American Beauty.
And that’s only naming but a few LGBTQI Academy Award winners.
One other past winner happened to be Dustin Lance Black, who took out the 2009 Best Original Screenplay award for Milk, which told the story of Harvey Milk.
Black, obviously following along with yesterday’s ceremony, also took umbrage with Smith’s remarks.

Black’s fiancé being British Olympic diver Tom Daley – a good friend of Smith’s, who you’d have to imagine would be aware of what his mate’s partner does for a crust.

In the sober light of day, a horrifically dusty Smith sought clarity through Twitter.

Congratulations on the win, Smithy. But hooly dooly, that is one hell of a day at the ole’ office.

Photo: C Flanagan/Getty.