UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Reckons He Wants To Fight Sam Neill, Of All People

Sam Neill.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, Justin Bieber decided to open up the Twitter app and challenge Tom Cruise to a fight. We will never know the series of thoughts that led to this decision, all we know is that Bieber came to the conclusion that he simply must engage in hand-to-hand mixed martial art combat with Cruise in the octagon.

Trendsetter that he is, he sparked a number of other high profile celebrity challenges. Conor McGregor, after offering to host the Bieber vs Cruise match, singled out Mark Wahlberg as a celebrity that he would like to be given the opportunity to smack the tar out of.

Brent Spiner (who you might know as Data from Star Trek: TNG or as the weird scientist guy from Independence Day) decided to make his bout in the octagon one with Angela Lansbury:

Only to have his challenge intercepted by Dick Van Dyke, who I just discovered is very much still alive:

But probably the most striking of these is the one that global treasure Sam Neill received, largely because it came from an actual UFC fighter:

He is, of course, joking to make a point (but he also believes that waterboarding is not a form of torture, so who knows). Neill received the challenge in the spirit in which it was given, suggesting that he might need to be somewhat highly-armed to go head-to-head with a professional mixed martial artist and special forces soldier:

The internet: a mistake? Who knows.