Sam Kekovich Lambs To Us Through Song

Throughout his stint as Australia’s preeminent ‘lambassador’, Sam Kekovich has championed the darker side of meat by identifying the most unforgivable instances of unAustralianism. Until now. In his latest address to the nation (see below) Kekovich spruiks chops and cutlets with an entirely different method of persuasion – song. “Popular Culture’s so unAustralian,” he explains. “I’ve decided to create Chopular Culture instead.”

And we know he makes sense. Noting that “we go gaga over a lady that wears a dress made out of lamb, instead of eating it,” or that “the old Warnie would never have chosen a starlet over a cutlet,” the AFL legend knows that to truly change pop culture he must first infiltrate it. The resulting trojan horse is an Aqua inspired music video called “Barbie Girl” (geddit?) featuring Home & Away alumni Melissa Tkautz, Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew and the smarmy head of Richard Wilkins.

It reminds us of how much we love lamb but mostly how much we hate Aqua.

Watch below…